Port City Delta is a small company– in a small town, but we really do have a big heart. Our small town, Bainbridge, was Georgia’s first inland port from the Flint River to the Gulf of Mexico. So our town motto is “The Port City”, hence where we came up with Port City Delta– Delta also being a play between Delta-8 THC and a river delta.

Brandon Draper, Owner, is a Lieutenant on the local Fire Department and knows his community and its people, having served them for 20 years. He opened a vapor shop four years ago and has been very successful. “Our customers are the best– they’ve really come to trust us and often treat us as bartenders (telling us about their day, lives, troubles, achievements, advancements, etc.). So at the first of the year (2021) when we decided to get into Delta-8, we researched companies and legalities for months! To keep our customers’ trust and expectations at the forefront, we set up only the best vendors and manufacturers we could find. The best CoAs (Certificates of Analysis), organics, distillation methods, and purity of products.”

At the beginning of 2021, Port City Delta began production of our brand. We began with 15mg, 25mg, and 75mg gummies and 1/8 oz. flower (bud) jars. Then we reinvested and created “hempettes” and cone-loading machines. After the huge success of the products already flying off the shelves, we doubled down and put everything into cartridge-filling machines. Since we can do most things in house now, we can offer items below the industry standard price. And the price point and quality of Port City Delta products shows. The Port City Delta brand out-sales the other nationally recognized brands we carry 4 to 1 daily!

located at 1119 e. shotwell st., bainbridge, ga 39819

What We Do

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products, ensuring that each customer has exactly what they need to help their ailment, whether its for pain relief, stress, disease, or just recreational use. All of our products have readily accessible COA (Certificate of Analysis) documentation so the consumer knows precisely what they are putting into their bodies. Our transparency is indicative of our confidence in our products. We have a variety of mediums to ensure each customer is satisfied.