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Port City Delta

Delta-8 THC Syrup

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Don’t miss out on the syrup sipping sensation! Each bottle of Port City Delta’s new Delta 8 Syrup contains 120mg of water-soluble “Nano” Delta 8. This special D8 is absorbed so quickly that you will likely feel the effects before you’ve finished your drink. Our Delta 8 Syrup is designed to be poured up the classic way: add some to a soda of your choice, often lemon-lime soda, and mix well for a sweet and colorful Delta 8 concoction to sip on.  Of course, don’t let that stop you from trying straight from the bottle, our syrup is delicious by itself as well! Impress your friends and check out the fast action of Nano D8 with this timely addition to the PCD lineup.

Product Details

  • Dosage: 120mg Delta 8 per 6oz bottle, 20mg Delta 8 per ounce
  • Extraction Material: Hemp
  • Product Type: Flavored Syrup
  • Delta 9 THC: Less than 0.3%
  • Flavors: Choose from Unflavored, Grape, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry
  • Serving Size: 1oz, contains 6 servings per container
  • Ingredients: Water, corn syrup, natural & artificial colors and flavors, potassium sorbate.
  • Alternative Options: Interested in other ways to try Nano D8? Check out our brand new Delta 8 Popsicles!


What Is Nano Delta 8 THC?

Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol is naturally found in hemp in small quantities. It is extremely similar to weed, offering enjoyable and recognizable effects at a lower cost. However, there are subtle differences between the two compounds. The high associated with D8 is known to be about ⅔ as potent, as well as more clear-headed and energetic than weed. Also, many consumers have reported an absence of paranoia and anxiety felt when consuming D8, which are common side effects of weed. Nano D8 means the particles are microscopic, allowing the effects to kick in rapidly and makes it water soluble.

Warning: Use Responsibly. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using this product.

Certificate of Analysis

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